Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Regret.

Last night as Eric and I walked to the subway we saw these Memorex cabs parked on 60th Street with a microphone set up and people trying to get you to sing for a ride. We looked at each other and said we should *totally* do it but when the guy asked us we chickened out and went our seperate ways.

As I walked down the steps the guy yelled to me again, "Come on! Your boyfriend really wants to do it!" I giggled but kept going. Once under ground I began to regret not taking a ride in the Karaoke Cab because, damn it, it would have been fun! So I secretly vowed to myself that I would do it if I ever saw them again. Lucky for all of us, they are roaming the streets of New York until December 23rd!!! What are the odds they'll have Womanizer as a song choice?

1 comment:

Jeff said...

if they do...i want full should have done it, you know if i was there I would have done it!!! you are doing great at the challenge FYI!!!