Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Night-

- The President of my company kept telling Ben and I we shouldn't wait until 2010 to get married- not even January of 2010 because he regrets not having kids sooner, but he doesn't want a girl and his son will get NONE of his money (um, what?)

- Shortly after the above, he gave the most disgusted look when we told him we were thinking of having the wedding in Puerto Rico

- Every interaction with any of my bosses was as awesomely awkward as the last two

- There wasn't enough food :( not to mention that I didn't even get ONE spring roll

- Everyone got pretty wasted (yay open bar!!)

- There was a disturbing amount of dry humping going down on the dance floor

- I got called snow white by some random girl after she snapped picture of me

- One of the employees kept telling my homo friend that she could "turn him"

- A few hours later, the same chick tried to kiss me then tried to get her boyfriend to kiss me, so that was totally sweet

Overall, the company party was a success!

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