Sunday, December 7, 2008


I just had my improv 201 show at the UCB. Everything went really well, except for this one scene in which one of my male classmates kept grabbing the ass of a female classmate. It was super creepy and uncool.

What may have been worse was his attempt at justification for it afterwards. He tried to argue the point that "people are cool with it" and everyone should "expect things like that." Yes, because molestation is a form of comedy in some circles. All I remember is feeling the collective cringe of everyone on stage and in the audience. Thanks, creepy former classmate!

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ReRe said...

Truly, there are things that get "stage justification" and "poetic license," but I can't think of a single audience that isn't wholly patriarchly sexist, that would put up with that just because "people are cool with it."

Ugh, what a terrible ornament to what should've been a completely sweet Xmas tree.

Please pardon the stupid Xmas metaphor.