Saturday, December 13, 2008

Death becomes me

Note to self: you are no longer a teenager and should stop drinking like you are. I stayed out until 3 am last night celebrating life/visiting with old friend and I'm still hung over at 10:15 pm. Laaaaaaaaame :(

Side note: Other Jeff, please don't be such a hater just because there won't be any sleep till Brooklyn. Thanks.


The Real Jeff said...

A few days with me and no one thinks of me as 'Other Jeff' anymore.

I'm Jeff... He's Lil' Jeff, or Gvaz (self appointed) or G-vag (more fitting adaptation), also Reffrey, and my new favorite Jeff-Lite. There are also some minor titles that come and go. For example "that guy who won't stop staring at me" or "Hey Asshole, stop grabbing my {insert body part of your choice here}." But we love him, restraining orders and all.

Give Reffrey a hug. I miss my BFF. Come visit us in GR soon.

Jose said...

Wow, now THAT's a hangover!! Must have been a good time... ;)