Thursday, December 18, 2008

Metabolize This

I recently started a new vitamin regimen. I've been taking D, B-complex, B-12, and Lysine. Vitamin D is supposed to help with my seasonal affective disorder, the B's are for energy/metabolism/nervous system health, and Lysine helps build amino acids. Its been 6 weeks and the only change I've noticed is that the color of my pee is now what can only be described as radioactive yellow. So that sucks.

PS. Really Jeff? Was this better than seeing a small child screaming obscenities at his mother or the new FOTC season 2 premier? Really??? I bet every other Vex reader would have rather seen another video.


Richard Tucker's Uglier Sister said...

You tell 'em Bella! Shake off the haters!

My pee is reddish brown!

Jeff said...

You know what, who the F is this Richard Tucker character...When we sit down on our lunch hour or in our chairs after a long stressful day we need something of quality coming from Vex..not just a YouTube video...This post was much better. Good luck with the new pill addiction!!! Ooooh my word verification this is Corzes...kinda makes me think of Tony Cortez...member him?