Monday, December 15, 2008

Grab-ass Galore!

It must be the season of random grab-ass. There was a group of us drinking on the lower east side on Saturday (happy birthday again, Jose) and a few of the girls kept noticing their bums getting groped. Like hardcore groping, not just a little sideswipe or a goose- he was squeezing handfuls of ass as if he were kneading dough.

Turns out it was this super flamboyant looking dude (see: totally gay and not fooling anyone) wearing a teal scarf. We established it was him and were talking loud enough to be heard so he took off. But my little firecracker of a friend, Emilie, went running after him and yelling, "Everyone knows what you do! You're pathetic!" It was awesome!

But seriously, what a fucking perv- who does that?

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