Monday, March 10, 2008


It's been a while since my last list, so here is a totally un-cohesive compilation of what's been on my mind lately...

- Why is it always the same 5 fucking people who post bulletins on Myspace? And why are they usually questionnaires that were popular email forwards from 10 years ago? Uh, hey guys, you're in your mid-twenties- NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT WHO TEXTED YOU LAST! And please don't ever try and guess who is most likely to re-post because the answer is no one. Wow...That's been bugging me for a while.

- I despise springing forward.

- Where the hell is Hallie Berry's baby? Hasn't that bitch been pregnant for like 2 years now?

- I'm starting to have severe anxiety about getting older.

- Wadadli freakin' loves mango and watermelon. That's weird.

- I may have hired a replacement for the Albino Python. Since I got to pick her, she won't suck nearly as hard and therefore you will probably never hear stories about her. That makes me sad.

- I just realized that Sean Paul's "We Be Burnin'" is about weed. Then I realized how much of a prude-ish white girl I truly am.

- I want more comments from you assholes who come here and use me/my blog for your entertainment. This is bullshit. I know you read it and some of you even like it so put up or shut up. I mean, stop using me. Fuck.

- The series finale of The Wire was painfully disappointing.

- To the guy with the hard-salami burps on the subway this morning: FUCK YOU. You are nasty and I hope somebody farts directly into your mouth and you have no choice but to breath it in and digest it.

Damn that feels good.


Anonymous said...

Oh quit complaining some of us aren't as funny and our comments wouldn't matter

bella said...

you are so wrong... you just made my day.

kelly said...

I apologize for not paying more attention to your blog in the past. You are my heroine.