Sunday, March 23, 2008

Apparently, they poop.

After reading about Wadadli's bad day , I received this little anecdote from the one and only Phoebe "killer cross over" Peterson:

My dear Tundra woke me up the other night at 3am (I have to be up at 5am). She never gets up that early. As I'm deciding if I should ignore her or not, I breathe and choke on the outhouse raunchy smell in the air. She's not kidding around; she needs out. The smell worsens as I approach her crate in the dark. When I turn on the light in the kitchen, I notice she left poopy puppy prints on the floor. I check out her crate and there is crap smeared everywhere. All over her 3 blankets, the grooves of her favorite toy, the crate bars, and my carpet. I was cleaning for over an hour.

I took her to the vet. They suggested I cook for her. Tundra and I will be having boiled chicken and rice by candlelight tonight.

Who knew?

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kelly said...

i think i will skip pet ownership altogether and go right to parenthood, because i think maybe it's just not worth it unless it can grow up and take care of you one day...