Monday, March 10, 2008

1 reason I love my friends

I love you guys because the people sitting next to us in a restaurant will never have to hear us debate whether or not the chopped salad, hummus, and cheese plate will be "way too much" for three of us to split for dinner.

Why are girls so stupid?


kelly said...
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kelly said...

Sorry, my first comment may or may not have implicated you in a "high-class" prostitution ring, so I thought better of it, what with your political career on the line as it is. On a more related to your actual post note: Hell yes! I know i'm included in that group (your friends), not necessarily because you consider me a friend (especially after i didn't call after our last date-i promise it wasn't your cooking) but because, like you (though not quite to the same degree, you skinny batch), my appetite would cause me to look like one of those women if i was more metabolically challenged. When we are all better and not sickly bastards anymore, lets gorge ourselves on wine/beer/what have you and all the pizza/wings/fried things we can get our hands on in one sitting! I'll bring the hair bands and breathmints!