Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sure, he looks sweet

This morning Wadadli was trying to squeeze out his morning dump and seemed to be having some difficulties. I went over to see what was wrong and he turned away from me, leaving a poop line on the white wall of the living room with his turd crayon. But that wasn't all. He started crying and smelled like microwaved diarrhea, so I checked his under-carriage. There was a half realized piece of poop that would not leave his tiny bowel. The part that managed to escape was embedding itself in his fur like a fucking CIA spy. I had no choice but to pull it out while weeding out the dingle-berries. I shook an enormous chunk off my hand and began to gag. I had to quit. I let him down and he proceeded to drip a few watery turds on the floor then drag his poopy butt over every rug in the house.

So, who wants to puppy sit?


kelly said...

that's what you get when you get a genetically engineered minidog! get used to that shit. PUN INTENDED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM SO FUCKING FUNNY! sigh. yeah.

bella said...

I like this new comment-a-holic kelly!!!

Anonymous said...

SICK SICK SICK.....that is the last time i read your blog as i am eating my lunch...and to be exact a piece of string cheese....Blughhhh Blughhh

Anonymous said...

Hey Shit Stain!
There's a comment for you!
I am a commenter now, and you'll only know me by the fact that I told you once that I stalk you via your blog, but know that I've made that public knowledge, I no longer consider myself a stalke... I am now just a measly (sp?) commenter - so you know what?!?
chicken butt - go polish bf's chrome!

bella said...

haha! polish the chrome :) i just might... you anon suckas need to pick names so others don't think you're the same person.