Thursday, May 1, 2008

You've Just Been Pimped!

Did Xzibit stop by Vex? Because I swear to God somebody pimped my blog. What do you mean you didn't even notice? There's a new sentence under the title and I've also added links to three blogs that I enjoy.

I toyed with the idea of changing the colors/layout but there's something I really like about the dark dots. Perhaps they remind me of my mole covered body, which was once photographed nude by my pervy doctor who said he just wanted to "keep and eye on them." This is the same guy who licked his un-gloved fingers to turn a page of my chart after giving me a pretty thorough and again, un-gloved, physical- but I digress. So tell me what you think of the new and improved!


kelly said...

I love the sentence, the blogs, and the dots! You've really made a name for yourself on the 'ole intra-web, haven't you? Aren't you 26 now, though? Just wanted to look over that, didja? Ow, yeah, sorry. Hey, I feel that burn too...Anyway, call me creepy, but can I get your doctor's phone number? ;)

bella said...

In the blogosphere, you are always whatever age you were when you first started. So I'd appreciate if you never brought that up again. And also, keep ya hands up off my man. Dr. Maurice Beer on 57th Street is all mine!!! Yeah, his last name is beer and that's pretty much the #1 reason I picked him, no wonder he turned out to be such an all-star physician.

kelly said...

touche! i knew you loved that kinky shit! ; )