Tuesday, May 6, 2008

sum-ah time y'all

It was so amazing out today that I was excited to run an errand and get out of this soul crushing vortex of negativity (otherwise known as my office). As I passed the Abercrombie and Fitch store on 5th, I was hit with the one drawback of the Manhattan summer breeze.

The doors of the A&F store were wide open and pumping out the most pungent frat-boy stench I've experienced since the days my life revolved around room temperature keg beer and bad decisions. The smell dominated 5th Avenue all the way down to 53rd Street (that's 2 city blocks away for those of you who don't live here). I guess its better than garbage.

So begins another fantastic NYC summer!


Jose said...

Soooo, now is maybe a bad time to admit how many times I tried to steal young, sexy employees from that very A&F. In my defense, the cock-smokers who run the company stole my All-Star from me just to have her waste away in a pseudo-office in their shiny jew-buidling. (no offense to the jews, of course. I love JC!)
Kisses, Bella. One day you'll be free!

kelly said...

Hmmm, "soul crushing vortex of negativity"? SOMEBODY'S been reading "Dancing with Cats"! If I EVER catch you dancing with Wadad like anyone from that book, I WILL call the ASPCA.