Friday, May 2, 2008

list de jour...

Mmm, that sounds good. I'll have that.

Watching that just now I discovered something new and awesome. At the 2:32 mark listen to the lyrics. Yup it says, "two foot of butt crack was all I could see..." and it sounds like Billy Ray (!) which brings me to my first point.

I'm so sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus and the Vanity Fair photo scandal. Boooooooring!

I have fallen in love with Myspace all over again and I don't really know why. I spent the better part of my day looking at random profiles and catching up on the lives of people that I really don't care about. It was nice.

I'm wondering if the above could get me fired. Well, more hoping than wondering. I need a new job stat so if anybody knows a guy who knows a guy- holla.

Did anyone hear the rumor that Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon? What the hell? That crazy old broad could be his mother. Maybe she thought it was a good idea considering all the press Josef Fritzl has been getting. I mean, she does have a new album dropping soon and doing it with kids is soooo hot right now.

No matter how hard I try, I still hate Facebook.

My boss thinks I have tourette's so he got me a post-it pad that has "Don't Fuck This Up" on the top. What's going to be even better is when I hand in my letter of resignation* written on that paper in red crayon.

Barbara Walters admitted to having an affair with a Massachusetts Senator in the 70's. Who the hell wants to think about that old bag of bones having sex?

I recently purchased a pair of yellow rubber rain boots and I could not love them more. It almost makes me wish for rainy days.

I really have to pee and want to leave soon so, later! Thanks to all my lovely readers who have been leaving comments. It gives me a boner in my special place.


*assuming one of you a-holes can get me a new gig


Anonymous said...

bitter tone...?

kelly said...

two foot of butt crack is kinda big, no? that's one healthy butt...

deliberate duality said...

Damn straight it is kelly, i take good care it. It's gonna win the county fair prize this summer, I just know it!