Tuesday, May 27, 2008

down the hatch!

Does this look like the face of a hardcore criminal or just a grandma who accidentally walked through a room filled with farts?

If you said 'grandma who walked through farts' you'd be wrong. In an amazing attempt to shame violators and deter drunk driving, a Long Island police department has released the names, addresses, and mugshots of everyone arrested over the holiday weekend for a DWI or DUI. Here is the article and photo gallery from 1010wins...Clearly none of these fools won (harhar).

I love this. Its like looking through submission photos for an ugly-off. Good luck trying to meet your next 14 year old chatroom girlfriend Christopher Mackrodt, because when she Googles you, that picture is going to be the first thing she sees. As for you Kerri L. Boerner, you can kiss your dreams of being the token plus sized girl on the next season of ANTM goodbye... Tyra don't do DUI's, aiight?

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