Friday, September 21, 2007


Thank you Steelecase office chair for discreetly absorbing one of the longest and most satisfying farts of my life. I promise to Febreeze you on Monday.


booger said...

Oh Rach, some things just never change. I think I remember your first longest fart, at my kitchen table eating a lovely dinner by candlelight with my family. You couldn't have been more than eight years old, and I knew at that moment, there were going to be many a chair, bleacher, or school bus that were going to take your beatings. Ah those were the days.

brookefoxfire said...

sick as it is, i can visualize the whole thing happening, poopy thong. one sick bitch.

Italian stallion said...

You need a Haworth chair. I can hook you up!!! Those don't hold the fart smell in like a GD Steelcase chair!