Monday, September 3, 2007

F U Labor Day

I'm trying to work from home today and I keep coming up with nothing. Could it be that my phone is ringing more today than it has in the past week? Could it be the fact that the air conditioner is freezing my entire left side (but when it's off, I'm much too warm)? Could it just be my ADD?

Today I found out that my favorite Puerto Rican is leaving and it hurts my heart. He was one of the first real friends I made here, and one of the few people who knows how truly crazy I can be... Anyways, it's sad that he's moving. What might be even worse is, I don't think he realizes that there are no Puerto Rican Day Parades in Atlanta. Now what?

So there was that, followed by a totally random phone conversation I didn't care to have. I don't even know why I answered. It's the unofficial last day of summer and I have only been tan twice. Both times were the aftermath of severe sunburn. I am already getting depressed, I guess my seasonal affective disorder kicks in at the mere thought of it getting colder. I don't even have the comfort of day drinking at a backyard BBQ to make today less shitty. I hate Labor Day.

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Jose said...

Wait, there's no Puerto Rican parade in Atlanta?!!