Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh my.

He was clearly a man. Everything about him screamed, "hey everyone, look at me. I'm just a regular dude and a guy. I was obviously born with a wiener." He had on a black 90's era over sized tank top, baseball hat, and a pair of formerly white Asics. Normal, right?

That's what I thought too, until I noticed his lime green denim mini and giraffe-like (not to mention baby smooth) legs. Seriously beautiful legs. I was amazed and had to get closer. He was carrying a bag from the Levi's Store. I had to see what was in it. Maybe that bag held a clue or could help explain the random outfit, although I don't know was hoping for.

I finally ran down the subway steps and was close enough to peer over his shoulder into the bag... and what do you think was in that bag? Nope, not poop stained sweatpants. Another denim miniskirt. Only this one was a more versatile, everyday blue jean color.

Amen, New York. Amen.

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