Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hello Clarice

She-devil keeps laughing out loud at something. To the point where either a) she is trying to make me test my theory of "if an Albino Python gets pushed out of a window on the 21st floor, does anyone even care" or b) she really wants me to ask her what is so funny.

I'd much rather try 'a' than strike up a convo with this turd. She has done this to me before and it always ends up with me having to read some stupid ass email that's not even funny. Not even remotely funny. Probably not even in the same hemisphere as funny. But her laughter is like the crying of baby lambs as they're being slaughtered. What do I do Dr. Lector? Dr. Lector???

PS. Am I starting to sound obsessed? Because I promise I am not obsessed. I've just never had such strong feelings of rage and hatred before. That's all. Totally normal, right?

*rocks back and forth on the floor while eating sand*

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