Friday, October 19, 2007


We have a new intern. She's nice, but what an idiot. Her phone kept ringing today, so finally I turned around and told her (in a very nonthreatening tone), "Newbie, you can answer the phone. If it rings that means someone is calling you and wants to talk to you." Newbie nervously replies, "Oh, um, OK." short pause, "What do I say when I pick it up?"

Jesus. H. Christ. Really?

I took a deep breath in, let it out slowly, then replied, "I don't, how about hello? Or *her name*? Or *company name*? Probably something like that. Stay away from things like Duane Reade or Johns Pizzeria, as that might be misleading."

This was only the beginning. I honestly want to know how people like her survive. I would have thought for sure she would have swallowed her own tongue by now or just forgotten to keep breathing.

Look for more posts to come on this little blond box of rocks!

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