Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top 3

Here are my top three most hated advertisements in the New York City subway system:

3. This doesn't technically fall under the advertisement umbrella but F you, this is my blog. There is a sign in the train that says something along the lines of, "Want to visit a NYC museum? Just look around, you're surrounded by art!" And by 'art' they mean shit like this and this. Are. You. Kidding... Bling aka hand? Rabbit Transit? Even the names make me want to punch a baby. I mean, they just make me mad. I usually see these things on my way home from work, so its no wonder I've picked up such a charming little drinking habit. *GULP*

2. "Got an illegal gun? Next stop... PRISON!!!" Get it? Because you're on the train? If I had an illegal gun I'd shoot something every time I saw that sign until, finally, they would call me the Illegal Gun Having Killer or Subway Serial Shooter, or some other lame ass name. Maybe somebody like Dr. Hannibal Lector will eventually shed some sociopathic insight on the fact that I only have homicidal rage when that sign is around. I don't know.

1. But what takes the cake??? The Good Day Dance (pictured above). I wish you could actually see the illustrations. They do the worst play-by-play of this 'dance' I have ever seen. To see most annoying video of your life, go here and click on 'Watch the Good Day crew do the Good Day Dance.' It makes my face melt off. There aren't even words for how much I loathe this, I almost threw my computer out the window after watching it. Who comes up with this shit? Do they think people are inspired or entertained by this? OH MY GOD! But I do think it's funny how they have the black guy doing the only move that seems to require any sort of rhythm (while the white guy has a hard time making hand clapping look non-douchey). Roll up, roll down bitches.

Now I need a drink.

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deliberate duality said...

haha couldnt agree more on youre #1. and fuckin jodi and her non-threatening pink neck scarf. what PR guy said "what you guys need is a dance!"? but i Love to hate how the black guys eyes are lookin just a littttle off to the right...oh, wait...whats that?..this just in: the black guy actually has not one, but two, roving eyes.