Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pubic in Public

Why do guys think its ok to scratch their balls in public? On my way to work yesterday there was a Seth Rogen looking dude standing in front of me who kept um, molesting himself. He was doing it so often I decided to keep count (please don't judge, I forgot my Ipod and had nothing to read).

From 49th Street to 59th and Lexington (3 stops) he had made contact with his business 14 times. Now, this was not 14 individual 'scratches' because that would have been impossible to keep track of. The guy was using two hands at the same time as if he were trying to scratch himself a vagina. I thought he was going to start a fire on the train.

I just want to know why... No, not why he was scratching the scrotum off of his balls, but why was I so fascinated that I had to keep a mental record of the frequency? God, I'm such a perv.

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