Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here's one

I thought of a fun list. The following are things that I do that annoy Ben (but honestly, I don't think are that big of a deal):

- When I start plucking his errant hairs (eyebrow, face, neck, etc.) and can't stop until my eyes hurt
- When I put on sweatpants that are 3x's too big as soon as I get home from work (he wonders how much poop I can fit in them*)
- When I fart and don't claim it... usually it's just the two of us
- When I constantly bother him while he's working because I'm bored and there isn't anything good on TV
- When I try to pick at things** on his arms or back
- When he gives me the shortest book in the house (with the largest font) and two months later I'm still only on chapter 4

Feel free to add more.

*For the record, it would be a lot. I could fit *tons* of poop in these sweatpants

** Unless it's a skin tag, then he freakin' begs me to pick and pull on it


bex said...

ok so im an idiot....this was so easy to leave a comment

booger said...

skin tags. Ugh.

brookefoxfire said...

Yeah, but do you BEG him to wax your eyebrows because it feels sooooo gooood?!
Plus, you're still the only person I know who can pluck a stray knee hair with your pointer finger and thumb!