Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today I decided I really wanted to have a good day and not completely hate everything about my job. I was making a conscious effort and the morning went pretty well, actually.

Then lunch time rolled around and I ask one of my many bosses if he'd like lunch, he says yes and gives me his order. Now, this is not a duty that I am required to perform- I ask him out of the kindness of my heart, yet he NEVER gets up and walks the 20 feet to my desk to get his lunch when it arrives. Instead, he sits and waits and watches until I deliver it to him. Today, I didn't even get a thank you. Asshole.

A little while later he barks at me to make him dinner reservations for Friday. He then proceeds to spend the next 25 minutes on the phone talking about some dickish automated golf program that keeps track of the number of times he swings. Seriously? **Oh that must be why you couldn't pick up the phone and call about dinner yourself. You were far too busy working. Doing important work things entirely related to the success of the company and ultimately paying my salary. Thanks. Glad we got that cleared up.**

I still haven't done it. I know he listens to my phone calls so anytime he pulls this type of thing I like to wait until he is away from his desk to make the call. Payoff comes at the end of the day when, finally, in a fit of rage at my clear disregard of his managerial request, he'll try to sound cool and relaxed and not annoyed when he asks, "hey, did you get through to the Palm?"

That's when I like to let out my huge 'are you fucking kidding me when have I ever *not* gotten through to the Palm, I can't believe you are seriously asking me that you ungrateful fucking prick- this isn't even a part of my job' sigh while doing a slow turn towards him then I say in a sarcastic tone,"Yeah. It's alllllll set."

Slow turn back to computer. Hard typing. Secret smiles in my heart, because really, its the small victories.


deliberate duality said...

good one rae

ReRe said...

i just had to act out the last paragraph of your post in order to get its full effect. it felt great.

ugh! i want to cunt-punt douchebags like your boss! good for you.