Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sir Farts Alot

Ben thinks my blog pretty much just focuses on farts, so this ones for him.

The other day I get home and my apartment smelled like burnt hair and garbage, so I made a comment to that effect to my roommate, "Bin." Bin said, "Its me, I've had *the worst* gas all day. I just tried lighting some matches and candles before you got home."

But does it end there? Nope. Bin continued to stink up our love nest. I made the mistake of walking over by his desk (he wasn't even near it) and the smell was so unbelievably foul I had to pull out a bottle of Febreeze and coat the chair. I then made it my business to chase him around until I could do the same to the ass of his poor, unsuspecting pants. That didn't solve the problem, but it was a start.

Yes, I Febreezed the love of my life's ass. What of it?

1 comment:

deliberate duality said...

OH Bin. I'm sure his pants were grateful.