Thursday, January 24, 2008


Side bar- when I was looking for the video below, the two most prominent "Ads by Google" were:

How I lost 55 lbs!!!
Are you gay? Do you like gay music? Take the gay quiz!!!

Really? So you're telling me the only people who listen to Boyz II Men are overweight homos? Not likely Google+Youtube, not likely*...

*But, if that is the case- GUILTY AS CHARGED, GIRL!!! Haaaaaay!


Boogers said...

New Kids on the Block reunion tour... Hotels beware, Donnie Wahlberg is back baby.

bella said...

boogers! where did you hear this? and also, haven't you heard that Donnie D's on the back up, drug free so put the crack up? Come on, come on...feel it, feel it!