Thursday, January 24, 2008

The End of an Era

At this point, I find its easier to express myself through music. See below and feel my most sincere pain:

I don't know how to break this to you guys without just saying it. The Albino Python is gone. Fired. Her employment has been terminated, effective 1/23/08. Oh God- I've said it but I'm still in shock. How *do* I say goodbye to what we had?

Albi, if you're out there, somewhere, in this big crazy universe, just know this: I'll take with me the memories, to be my sunshine after the rain...

I wonder if they have internet access in heaven?


darlene said...

yes they do- its wireless and its fast as hell!

Jose said...

Wait, um... so I'm confused... is that um, how do I ask this without saying too much? I think she... does she... but that would mean... wait. Ok, somebody help me out here. Bella, feel me PLEASE. That last comment, um...? How did she...? Wow, either you completely feel me or I've completely lost you. Either way, Alyssa Milano's overbite should have been fixed years ago. Not that it matters because I still love her, but if you've got the money, and she does, they can totally do it without braces.