Thursday, January 8, 2009

What the Fuck, Union Square?

For the past 5 days its smelled like an airport bathroom in the entire L section at Union Square. And not just any airport bathroom- I mean the first one available after a cross country flight where they were serving Natty Ice and Indian food to fat old people with IBS. The one where half of the toilets can't even flush after the torment they've endured. You know what I mean.

It smells like someone took every horrific odor known to man, condensed them into a single liquid, and then poured that liquid over every HVAC component on that level of the underground. The air is a thick diarrhea-fart stew that burns my nose hairs and makes me dizzy every time I smell it (which is at least twice a day).

As gross as I'm trying to be, I feel I'm barely doing the stink justice. It is unholy. What the fuck, Union Square?

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