Monday, January 19, 2009


I couldn't sleep last night. I was having one of those nights where my mind just wandered to completely random stuff. For some reason I was thinking back to 5th grade.

I remember an older girl being pregnant. I think she was a Kinnunen or a Kitzman. But for me to have seen her, she would have only been in 8th grade (it was a K-8 school). Anyways, the whole thing stands out because of the sweatshirt she was wearing over her visibly preggo belly. It had a big picture of a Hershey Kiss on it and said "It all started with a Kiss." I remember thinking that was the most dirty and gross and disgusting thing I'd ever seen.

The thought of that shirt consumed me and now I'm not even sure it was true or accurate. Can anyone confirm that there was indeed, a pregnant scummy kid in our elementary school?

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Jeff said...

great now when people google kitzman or kinnunen your blog will pop up....