Monday, September 29, 2008


Ben was gone this weekend so Wadadli and I had some serious bonding time. It was pretty great for the most part, we just hung out and ate delivery in our sweatpants. The only bad thing was at night when he heard a door open or someone walking up the steps he'd freak out and start barking. I think he thought it was going to be his daddy coming home, but it never was :*(

Anyways, last night he was pretty good. I woke up at about midnight to his cute little body curled up in my face and a really weird smell. He had been having *extremely* bad gas all weekend so I laughed and sarcastically asked him if he shit the bed. As I rolled over the smell got worse and the laughter stopped. I jumped up and turned on the lights to see him trying to bite off a pinkie finger-sized dingleberry that had partially smeared on the duvet. I grabbed him and a wad of kleenex and pulled the turd from his little rear. He ran off in shame as I gaged and cleaned off the bedding.

Of course I had to call Ben and let him know what just happened. I was looking for Wadadli so could he get scolded by his daddy on speakerphone and when I eventually found him, he was devouring a turd the size of a bratwurst. What. The. Fuck??!?!? Who eats poop???

Being a single parent sucks and why does my dog always have fecal issues?

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