Friday, February 1, 2008


- I drink 4 small bottles of water but feel more thirsty than I do after drinking 1 big bottle.

- you have to get over your fear of being known as a triple flusher to the girl who sits right outside the bathroom.

- stress is managable, because you can control how much you really give a shit.

- you find out that your 7th grade boyfriends baby sister is 18 and feel so shocked that you're convinced his parents adopted another one in between.

- it's ok if your lover calls you a wino.

- you need to take a mental health day at work and just catch up on your local news/myspace/email/youtube/play a little Classic Oregon Trail.

- celebrity gossip bores me to death.

- I hate people.

- you need to stop blogging so you can get home to poop, without careing about the number of flushes.

Baby, pour me a glass of Pinot and warm up that toilet seat. I'm on my way...

1 comment:

Jose said...

Sometimes I get really excited about the next wave of poop coming through the tunnel. You know you can feel the weight of try to relax, maybe contract your stomach muscles a bit to help it gain speed. That moment right before it hits the exit is so full of aprehension. When it's just right, I think about it for at least the next 20 least!