Monday, February 4, 2008

Close one

Thank you Virtual Apple/Oregon Trail online! As I was in the middle of my last post, a coworker- lets call him "boss of no one" (because he fancys himself so fucking important, yet is rather irreleveant) came up and started scanning my screen while pretending to ask me a question.

Now, since its 1000% unacceptable for anyone from my office to be reading this, let alone for me to be blogging on the clock, I had to think quick. So I excitedly asked, "OMG! Have you seen this?!?!" while fumbling to close my blog window and open up a new one. Good thing I had just linked to that game. I pulled it up and distracted BONO until somehow I got him to go back to his desk to play it.

He's like a stupid dog that you can jingle keys in front of its face, fake throw something, and then watch as he goes running after it. What a douche.

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