Friday, December 7, 2007


Just because something sounds good does not necessarily mean it is good. Case in point: Coffeemate Eggnog flavored nondairy creamer *shudders* ...and normally I freakin' love me some nog.

After getting hooked on the International Delights Pumpkin Spice that was out over Thanksgiving, *fake orgasm* I decided to try another new flavor. While in the dairy aisle a few weeks ago I called Jeff (coffee creamer connoisseur) to get his opinion. He told me which ones he thought were yummy and which ones to stay away from. But every time I'd go to the store I would forget which ones he mentioned. All I could remember was Peppermint Mocha = Awesome, but they never have that one in stock. So I call, tell him whats available, and end up getting boring French Vanilla as usual.

Well, last night I called him but he didn't answer so I grabbed the Eggnog flavor, hoping to discover my new seasonal favorite. Once he FINALLY called me back he mocked me/my choice, but I woke up today with a really good feeling about this stuff. Boy, was I wrong. This garbage ruined my entire morning! Sorry Jeff, next time I'll pay more attention to you and not just cross my fingers that you'll be home every time I'm at the grocery store.

Now where the hell is my Peppermint Mocha?!?!

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