Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Albino Psycho?

Oh my Christ... this bitch is stealing my identity. She just went on a 3 minute rant about her love of buffalo sauce. Obsession with buffalo sauce, really? Sounds vaguely familiar. She claimed she'd eat "anything in buffalo sauce." I swear she was about to say she'd eat a shoe if it was deep-fried and covered in buffalo sauce, then I would have flipped my shit.

What the hell? Is she studying my lunch habits? Memorizing my Myspace page? Inside my head? Is she reading this right now? You wouldn't even know what a buffalo sauce was without me!!! What next? Are you going to trade in your Nora Jones CD for something by N.W.A.? Maybe swap Eminem for Feist?

This means war- and it's about to get real ugly up in this bitch. It's on, you bloodless freak.

It. Is. On.


Gold Stone Creamery said...

You listen to Feist now? Sweet!

bella said...

No cracker barrel, she does. I can see how you might be confused because the order was different than in the first example but "Eminem for Feist" just sounded better than the alternative. Stoops.