Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Other Night I Couldn't Sleep

Instead, I decided to go through every actor change for Days of Our Lives characters that I could remember from when I was an *avid* watcher in my younger years.

Here we go:

Bo Brady- I started watching when he was played by tall, hot, beefy Bo in the late 80's/early 90's. Unfortunately he wasn't the original and soon short, stalky and monkey-like Bo v1.0 was back for the remainder of my time as a fan.
PS. According to IMDB, his name is Beauregard Aurelius 'Bo' Brady. Fuck yeah.

Vivian Alamain- I just remember them switching from one dumb ginger to another.

Belle Black- The first girl who played her came from the Disney channel- after that it was all downhill. They were constantly trying out new blond-haired, squishy-faced girls to replace Zenon.

Billie Reed- Lisa Rinna, with her crazy hair and enormous lips went on to be replaced by that girl from the elevator scene in Liar Liar. Eh, upgrade I guess.

Austin Reed- The first Austin was (ZOMG!!!!) the same guy who played Jeff, the manager at the Max- aka the reason Kelly and Zach broke-up! Single tear. After that, who cares?

That's all I can remember and yes, I realize *exactly* how cool I am.

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