Friday, July 18, 2008

Wait, what?

Anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry can appreciate this. Here is an actual application for employment.
I can't seem to make the image any larger but it says "Position(s) for which you are applying" in yellow and the pink, well, that's the real star of our show.

Amen, bitches.

Thanks for the laugh Joser :)

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Jose said...

=)!!! I didn't know you posted this! I don't care if other people don't get it/find it funny. That shit is priceless! The laughs that you and I shared over the phone that day at this poor lady's expense remind me of the laughs we used to have on those hungover Saturday mornings... we couldn't really laugh out loud but there was some seriously funny shit going on! Kisses, Bella. I miss you.