Friday, August 24, 2007


Who says that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory? I started listening to this extremely random station at work today and was flooded with thoughts that took me back to some pretty awesome places/times in my life. Below are a few highlights.

Greenday, Time of your Life- Leaving for college for the first time and listening to my BFF cd from my BFF, smoking 100 cigarettes, crying my face off and already feeling homesick.

Spin Doctors, Little Miss Can't be Wrong- My 7th grade b-day party, where Murphy's Law was in full effect. Under age drinking, bawling Catholic School girls, indoor snowball fights, little Tony seeing his first bra, the defacing of Chicago Bulls paraphernalia, and of course, Bobbo storming out and saying, "Tell that bitch I said happy birthday!" I can still feel the love!

Corey Hart, Never Surrender- This was one of my top three* favorite songs when I was a tiny, tasteless child.
*The other two were We Built this City by Starship and I Ain't Missing You by John Waite. No wonder I never made it as a music critic.

Bob Seger, Turn the Page- That one is a tie between CB(now CC)'s vintage Silver Bullet Band tee from college and when BJ surprised me with tickets for the Seger concert at MSG last year... If you're wondering if we had passes to get into the after party to meet the saxophone player, the answer would be yes!

Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive- Playing office hockey, a white Jeep Cherokee, and having braces. And Leanne Rhymes, ugh.

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